Foster Care

Red Door always needs foster homes for the dogs, cats and rabbits we rescue.

If you can make a commitment of a few weeks, you can save the life of a homeless animal. Our Foster Care Program is a vital part of our rescue mission because it allows us to place animals into caring homes while they wait for either a permanent adoptive family or a space at our cageless shelter.

Being a foster parent means taking a homeless animal into your home and providing him/her with food, water and loving care. Red Door will provide all medical care. We will also continue to display foster animals on our web site as available for adoption and we will do all the interviewing work involved in finding a suitable adopter.

We ask that fosterers either be available to bring the animal to our adoption events or work with one of our volunteers, who will help Red Door staff and volunteers provide phone counseling on behavioral problems, such as aggression and inappropriate elimination.

Additionally, we can provide practical advice and humane alternatives to surrendering animals to shelters for common reasons such as: moving, pregnancy, and animal-related allergies.