Be a Buddy

Through Red Door's Buddy System, you can show your compassion for rescued animals by becoming an online buddy to an animal. A donation of $28 or more helps provide a needy animal with food, shelter and veterinary care prior to being placed in a new and loving home.

Consider giving a Buddy System gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays! We can customize every Buddy posting with a special message from you.

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Buddy: Bethany Arrington
A Buddy since: 10/01/2018
Message: My fiancee Bethany LOVES rabbits. She has been asking repeatedly for one. Unfortunately, we don't have the money, nor are we permitted to have animals in our apartment. Her birthday is October 9th and I wanted to give her a gift that allows her to help care for a rabbit without personally owning one.


Buddy: Bonnie and Belle
A Buddy since: 08/24/2018
Message: In honor of Bonnie and Belle and their loving human companions, Gwen, Brian and Tyler. Bonnie and Belle are still giving to the world, and helping make another pet happier!

Shirley Partridge

Buddy: Ian Jantz
A Buddy since: 06/25/2018
Message: In honor of our Luna Bug.


Buddy: Rounder and Riven
A Buddy since: 06/25/2018
Message: In honor of sweet Rounder and Riven and their loving monkeys, Heather, Andy, El and Dash.


Buddy: Scout
A Buddy since: 05/02/2018
Message: In honor of Scout


Buddy: Andy B
A Buddy since: 05/01/2018
Message: In honor of Peaches! Thanks for being a great cat friend.


Buddy: Howard Bunch
A Buddy since: 05/01/2018
Message: In honor of Nimo and his BFF, Howdie.