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Through Red Door's Buddy System, you can show your compassion for rescued animals by becoming an online buddy to an animal. A donation of $28 or more helps provide a needy animal with food, shelter and veterinary care prior to being placed in a new and loving home.

Consider giving a Buddy System gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays! We can customize every Buddy posting with a special message from you.

Buddy Sponsors!

Please click here for the Buddy Sponsorship Form


Buddy: Kristy & Teddy Worden
A Buddy since: 06/25/2014
Message: No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye. You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why. Our hearts still ache in sadness, and secret tears still flow, What it meant to lose you, no one will ever know...... In loving memory of Mark E Worden.


Buddy: Claire Krohn
A Buddy since: 05/06/2014
Message: Happy birthday Mom :) xo

Desi and Lucy

Buddy: G.
A Buddy since: 05/01/2014
Message: In memory of TMP- my sister. RIP sis, friend & fellow animal lover. If only more people treated animals how you loved & treated your two dogs. Currently, they are well cared for by Dad.


Buddy: The Fabio- Mueller family
A Buddy since: 04/30/2014
Message: In loving memory of Patina, the tiny dwarf girl with a larger-than-life personality.


Buddy: Tabitha
A Buddy since: 04/20/2014
Message: I would love to make a donation to help with the care of Johnya. I love Johnya and was so sad we had to give her back to reddoor because of my husband's allergies. She is such a precious cat with a lot of personality.


Buddy: Tigger
A Buddy since: 04/08/2014
Message: May all shelter animals get a loving and caring home such as the one I had. ~ In loving memory of Tigger the cat.


Buddy: Alan S.
A Buddy since: 03/28/2014
Message: .


Buddy: Kathryn Berry
A Buddy since: 03/24/2014
Message: In honor of my sister, Kathryn Berry, and her unlimited love and compassion for animals.

Ginger Grant

Buddy: Dayna and Ava
A Buddy since: 03/19/2014
Message: Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Red Door for organizing Rabbit Seminars, we always learn so much!

Amelio and Edwina

Buddy: Heather T.
A Buddy since: 03/15/2014
Message: <3


Buddy: Marilyn Cuccio Feit
A Buddy since: 03/11/2014
Message: In memory of Marilyn Cuccio Feit, and with love and support to her beautiful family. Jackie


Buddy: Be U Leaders, Elmhurst
A Buddy since: 02/11/2014
Message: We fell in love with Pookie and we want to make sure she gets the care she needs. We hope someone decides to take Pookie home very soon!


Buddy: Lara & Dave
A Buddy since: 01/24/2014
Message: In honor of all the kitties!


Buddy: Binky the cat
A Buddy since: 01/22/2014
Message: I had a broken leg when my new family brought me into my new fur-ever home, got me medical attention and showed me love and care. May all the animals at Red Door find the love and care I have.

Kisa Bella

Buddy: My daughter Taylor
A Buddy since: 01/05/2014
Message: Here is your donation to the charity of your choice Red Door Animal Shelter. Lots of animals are thankful that you chose them over yourself this holiday season!


Buddy: Steve Williams
A Buddy since: 02/17/2013
Message: For all the animals at Red Door.

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